What is Whey Protein? – Its Types, Benefits, Side Effects and Usage

If you go to the gym, then you must know what is whey protein powder and why it is used. But those who are beginners, know very little about it. All they know is that there is a special type of powder, which we have to use when we go to the gym, which makes a muscular body. Apart from the beginners, some people are not aware of protein powder at all.

Whey protein benefits side effects

Apart from this, some people know about it, but those people do not know its correct information. They get this wrong information from somewhere that the body made by eating powder does not last long. Apart from this, kidneys and liver also get damaged.

Let me tell you, protein powder is not a chemical. It is a form of food that is called a supplement. There are many types of Protein Powder, out of which here we are going to talk about WHEY Protein.

Being a personal trainer, almost everyone who comes to the gym asks me a lot of questions related to whey protein. Therefore, I have covered almost all of these questions in this article and have also tried to give their answers accurately.

This is a detailed article about Whey Protein. What is whey protein, how it is made, what types of whey protein, advantages and disadvantages of whey protein? Here you are going to get answers to all the questions related to it.

What is WHEY Protein?

Whey protein is a dry powder made from milk. It is the purest form of protein found in milk. It is also the fastest digesting protein.

It is a special type of food supplement. It is also called ‘Complete Protein’ because it contains all kinds of amino acids and nutrients, which are essential for your body.

There are two types of proteins present in milk, first ‘casein’ and second ‘whey’. Casein Protein is 80% in whole milk, while the remaining 20% ​​is Whey Protein.

Whey Protein is a very high-quality protein. The liquid left after separating the solids from milk is called whey. It is a completely vegetarian supplement.

How is WHEY Protein Made?

Now we know, how Whey Protein is made. Whey protein is generally made in manufacturing plants. Where cow’s milk is stored and processed.

In the process of making whey protein, milk is first heated to a certain temperature, which destroys the harmful bacteria found in it.

After this, the milk is cooled. Now the process of making whey protein begins. Now milk is converted into curd.

After converting into curd, its solids (carbs, fats, lactose, etc.) are separated, which is separated into cheese.

The liquid that is left after separating the cheese is called whey or whey protein. This whey protein is in pure form.

Now, this liquid is taken out and dried and after drying it is converted into powder.

Whey protein has no taste in the beginning. It is considered tasteless and difficult to digest.

After this, some digestive enzymes, flavors, and sweeteners are added to it and it is processed. As a result of this, there is a slight change in its taste and other properties.

By mixing these things, some of the deficiencies found in whey protein are removed and its suitable profile is prepared.

Now Whey Protein Powder is passed through processes like micro-filtration and ion exchange and is more processed.

This is how Whey Protein is made and then it is packed in different types of cartons or boxes and delivered to you people.

Types of WHEY Proteins –

There are mainly three types of Whey Protein Powder.

(1) Whey Protein Concentrate:

The first protein obtained in the process of making protein from milk is called Whey Protein Concentrate.

It is made by using acids or enzymes at a certain temperature. It contains 60% to 80% protein (approx.) and the remaining 20% ​​to 40% is fat and carbohydrates.

(2) Whey Protein Isolate:

The concentrated protein is then passed through an additional filtration process, resulting in Whey Protein Isolate.

This filtration process removes the fat and carbohydrate content and a special protein is prepared.

This is called the pure form of whey protein. It contains 90% to 95% protein (approx.) and has little or no carbohydrate content.

Whey Protein Isolate It is slightly more expensive than concentrated protein.

(3) Whey Protein Hydrolysate:

Isolate proteins are heated with certain enzymes and acids. In this process, the bonds between amino acids are broken.

The breakdown of the bonds between amino acids increases the absorption rate of this protein.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate has 100% protein content (approx.). It contains zero amounts of carbohydrates and fats. It is the best and most high-quality type of whey protein.

Summary – These are the main three forms of whey protein powder, which are made by different processes. These three types of protein powders are suitable for you. You can use any of these three types of protein. Whey Protein is a very beneficial supplement for you.

Uses of WHEY Protein –

Talking about the use of Whey Protein Supplement, it is mainly used by gym goers, general exercisers, athletes or sportspersons, bodybuilders, etc.

Nowadays it is being used by both men and women and it is equally beneficial for both.

Most people use whey protein after a workout and some people use it before a workout. Apart from this, some people use it for breakfast in the morning.

It is used to fulfill the need for protein in the body. Most people like- gym goers and bodybuilders use it for muscle growth or muscle hypertrophy.

Benefits of WHEY Protein –

Regular consumption of whey protein supplements is very beneficial. If you combine Whey Protein with gym workouts or any exercise, then of course it is very beneficial in your muscle growth and building new muscles.

Here we will know about the benefits of whey protein with the help of some points. Benefits of whey protein like-

(1) Whey Protein is the highest quality protein and the best part is that it is made from milk.

(2) It is a pure vegetarian supplement and is gluten-free.

(3) The digestion of whey protein is very fast, due to which it reaches all parts of the body very fast.

(3) Contains all the Essential Amino Acids and BCAAs, which improve your muscle recovery.

(4) Its digestion is fast as well as absorption is also very fast. Due to this it reaches your muscles very quickly and helps in muscle growth.

(5) Whey Protein increases your Metabolism and promotes instant muscle recovery.

(6) It is the purest and complete protein source and can be easily used.

(7) Whey Protein plays an important role in increasing muscle hypertrophy and muscle size.

(8) By using whey protein, the lack of protein in the body can be easily overcome.

(9) It can be easily taken with water, milk or juice, etc. Its mixability in all of these is also good.

(10) It helps in your fat loss or weight loss. Consumption of Whey Protein increases muscle mass and leads to fat loss.

In this way, if you use whey protein, then it proves beneficial to you in many ways.

Keep in mind, that you should use it in limited quantity, only then do you get to see the benefits of whey protein, otherwise, its side effects can also be seen.

Disadvantages of WHEY Protein –

It is generally beneficial to consume whey protein. There are many benefits to using it. If we talk about the harm, then there is no harm in its consumption.

Provided that you should use it as needed and in limited quantity.

You may have to face health-related problems due to excessive consumption of Whey protein.

Talking about science, it has not been proved in any research that there is any kind of side effects with the use of whey protein.

And in fact, there are no side effects of its consumption. Keep in mind, that you should use it in limited quantities.

Still, many of you must have heard about its side effects.

According to American research, 100 people were asked to use Whey Protein Powder. They consumed it in limited quantities and after 30 days they were asked about its consumption and its results were asked.

90% of them did not see any side effects from it, rather they got many benefits from it. Even with this, he was completely healthy.

The same 10% of people had to face some health problems due to its consumption. He also faced stomach-related problems and skin problems.

Let me tell you, according to research, 90% of the people who were completely healthy before using it and 10% of the people who got side effects from its use were already suffering from any diseases.

That is why they got to see side effects from its use. In this way, if you are completely healthy, then you will not suffer any harm from it.

If you are already suffering from any disease or problems, then you may suffer from its consumption. Nevertheless, let me tell you, there is no evidence of harm caused by it in any research or study.

Consuming a limited amount of whey protein does not cause any kind of kidney and liver-related problems. There is still no evidence for this in research. This is all wrong information.

If you have any kind of allergy or if you consume whey protein in excess quantity, then you may have to face some health-related problems (unproven) due to it. Side effects of whey protein like-

  • Stomach pain
  • Cramps
  • Appetite problem
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia

Best Time to take Whey Protein –

You can use whey protein powder at any time of the day. It is only a part of your diet, which you can include in the diet according to you.

But still, when you should take Whey Protein, you guys want to know the best time for it, then let me tell you, the best time to take Whey Protein is Post -Workout.

Most fitness experts recommend taking it after a workout. This is because, after a workout, your muscles are completely broken down and tired.

In such a situation, protein is needed the most to recover the muscles. If you use Whey Protein after a workout, then it is most beneficial in many ways.

Due to this, your muscles recover well. And at the same time, there is hypertrophy in your muscles.

If you do the gym workout, then it is considered best to take it after working out or exercising. Some people even take it before a workout. This is also true, no significant changes are seen from this.

But if you do not go to the gym and do not do any kind of exercise, then you can have it in the morning for breakfast. In such a situation, it is considered most appropriate to consume it in the morning.

Because in the morning, your body needs a lot of calories at this time. In such a situation, if you meet this calorie requirement with whey protein, then what can be better than this.

It is better to meet this calorie requirement from carbohydrates or fat, you can meet it with whey protein or protein-rich foods. This is the best option if you do not go to the gym.

Let me tell you, adding whey protein with a workout is most beneficial and it leads to very good growth in your muscles.

If you don’t work out, you’ll probably see little to no proper results. But it is beneficial to consume it, whether you work out or not.

How to take WHEY Protein? Best way to take Whey Protein –

You do not need to worry or think much to use whey protein. But using it on the advice of doctors or trainers is more beneficial in all respects.

It is very easy to use it. You can have it after a workout or in the morning for breakfast.

The best way to take it is by mixing it with water.

The best results are seen by taking it in water. Because its mixability in water is very good.

And when taken with water, the digestion of Whey Protein becomes very easy.

Many people like to take it with milk or juice. This is also a good way, but it is considered best to take it with water.

If you want to gain weight or gain muscle, then you can take it with milk or juice. In such a situation, it will help a lot in increasing your weight.

Because you will get protein from whey protein and you will get carbohydrates and fats from milk. As a result of this, you will also get more calories and it will become balanced.

If you want to lose weight or fat, then you should take it with water. Because in this situation you do not need more calories at all, rather you have to eat fewer calories, so that you can lose weight.

Direction Of Uses – Most of the protein supplement brands recommend taking 30 to 35 grams of Whey Protein at a time and it is very good to take that much protein at a time.

The amount of protein that should be taken at a time is called a serving. This means you get 25 to 30 grams of protein in one serving.

For this, a prescribed serving scoop is given in the protein box or packet, which is 30-35 grams serving size.

To use, you have to take a shaker and mix this 1 scoop protein powder with 250 to 300 ml of water. After shaking it for 15 to 20 seconds, you have to drink it slowly.

This is a very easy and effective way to take it. Keep in mind, that you do not have to consume too much of it. Its limited quantity is very beneficial for you.

Let me tell you one more thing, some protein powders do not mix well in water or milk and some protein powders also give more foam during the shake. For example – Raw Whey Protein

So you should not worry about this, it is normal and you do not have any harm from it. You can easily consume it without any problem.

Frequently asked questions about WHEY Protein (FAQs) –

(1) How long after exercise should one take whey protein?

Answer – After the exercise or workout is over, whey protein should be taken within 20 to 30 minutes.

(2) How much whey protein can be taken daily?

Answer – If you do normal exercise or workout then it is considered best to take 1 scoop of whey protein daily. Apart from this, if you are doing bodybuilding or your fitness goals is a little advanced, then you can increase them on the advice of your trainer or health expert.

(3) Can whey protein be taken with milk/juice/shake?

Answer- Yes, of course you can take it. If you want to gain weight, then taking whey protein with milk/juice/shake is the most beneficial. Taking milk or juice increases calories and helps in increasing weight.

(4) Can I take 2 scoops of whey protein in a day?

Answer – 2 scoops of whey protein can be taken in a day. The condition is that you have to make the workout a little high intense and effective. Along with this, both the scoops should not be taken together. It is best to take one scoop each at different times of the day. Using more protein supplements than this can be harmful.

(5) Are whey proteins vegetarian?

Answer – Yes, whey protein is vegetarian as it is made from milk.

(6) Can whey protein be taken at night before sleeping?

Answer – Yes, whey protein can be taken at night before sleeping. Keep in mind, that there should be a gap of at least 2 hours between dinner and taking whey protein powder.

(7) Can whey protein powder be taken at breakfast in the morning?

Answer – Yes, of course you can take it. It can also be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and can also be taken with breakfast. Those who want to lose weight or lose fat can take it on an empty stomach. Apart from this, people who want to build muscle can take whey protein with breakfast (bread, paratha, oats or shake).

Final Words –

Whey Protein is a very good and beneficial supplement. You should use it in limited quantities. Consuming it in excess can be harmful to you.

Hopefully, you must have got the detailed information about what is whey protein and its advantages and disadvantages, etc. correctly and clearly. You must share this information with your friends and always stay connected with our website Ashfitx.com for such useful information. If you have any questions/suggestions, do let us know by commenting below.

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