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Ashfitx.com is a trusted website in the field of fitness and sports. Our aim is to provide with you the correct information related to fitness, sports, and lifestyle. Through this website, you can get a lot of useful information related to fitness, sports, and lifestyle.

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Ashfitx.com is dedicated to making fitness and sports information accessible, understandable, and actionable so that readers can make the best possible decisions about their fitness and sports. Our content is created, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, and other contributors.

Ashish Kumar - ashfitx.com
Ashish Kumar – Co-founder & Editor at Ashfitx.com

Ashish Kumar (Co-founder & Editor) is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer with more than 7+ years of experience in the fitness industry. He also has a Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics. He specializes in weight loss training, muscle-building workouts, sports training, and nutrition & supplementation. He is also passionate about writing fitness and sports blogs.

As an editor, he edits and curates content centered around fitness, sports, wellness, lifestyle, beauty, grooming, nutrition, and supplements. He also helps team members deliver polished and meticulously researched content.

Expertise: Fitness, Sports, Lifestyle, Grooming, Gym Instructions, Weight Loss/Gain, Nutrition & Supplements.

Educational Qualification: Post Graduation

Experience in the Fitness Industry: 7+ Years

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Our mission is to inform you about everything related to fitness and sports in a better way so that you can improve your fitness. Our expert team is dedicated to empowering you with the facts behind the fads to help you focus on progress, not perfection. We provide verified, evidence-based answers to your most pressing fitness questions.

We are an award-winning resource for reliable and up-to-date information on all fitness and sports topics that matter to your better fitness.

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