What is Superset and How to do it in Gym?

If you go to the gym regularly, then you must have heard the name superset, but what is Superset Exercise? You will have some confusion about this. There are many people who have been doing gym for a long time, but they also have no idea about what superset exercises are.

Superset exercise

A superset is such a technique, with the help of which you can easily hypertrophy the muscles and make the body muscular. Most bodybuilders and fitness freaks use supersets and they also get many benefits from doing superset exercises.

Being a personal trainer I see in the gym that many people don’t know anything about superset exercises. Most people consider superset and dropset to be the same and some people do not know any of these exercises. Apart from this, some people see some fitness freaks doing superset exercises and start applying themselves, but they do not have any information about supersets.

If you also want complete information about Superset Exercise, then this article is going to be very special for you. So let’s know, what is superset exercise, how to do it, and what are its benefits and disadvantages.

What is a Superset?

A superset is a technique that you can use while doing any workout.

Completing any two different exercises at the same time and in the same set without stopping is called a superset. In a superset, any two exercises have to be completed in a single set. There is no rest between these two exercises. Completing both exercises in a single set without stopping is called a superset.

Even if you take a little rest, there is no problem. However, you can take minimal rest (10 seconds max.) between the two exercises. If you want to make superset effective, then you do not take rest at all, perform both exercises continuously.

For example – completing any two exercises of biceps and triceps in one set. For example, completing barbell biceps curls and triceps skull crushers in one set.

Here you can complete a superset of 16-20 reps by doing 8-10 reps of biceps curls and 8-10 reps of skull crushers in one set.

It is not necessary that you exercise different muscles, you can do two different exercises of biceps muscles without stopping. This is also called your Superset.

For example, completing dumbbell curls and hammer curls exercises in a single set. Both these exercises train your biceps muscles only.

This simply means that you have to do any two exercises without rest, which is what superset means. In another language, completing one set of biceps and one set of triceps together without stopping is a superset exercise.

You can easily train any two muscles like – biceps and triceps, chest and shoulder, shoulder and triceps, chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulder and legs, etc. with the help of supersets.

How to do Superset Exercise?

As a fitness professional, this question is often asked me, how to do supersets? So let’s know, what are the methods of doing superset exercises.

If you are working out biceps and triceps muscles together someday, then you can easily complete this workout with the help of Superset.

In this, you can do any one exercise of biceps workouts like hammer curls and one exercise of triceps workout like triceps cable push down together.

You need to do one set of 8-10 reps of hammer curls and one set of 8-10 reps of triceps cable push down without rest. This will complete one superset of your total of 16-20 reps.

Similarly, you can do three to four supersets of each exercise, in which it is necessary to have a combination of two exercises.

Here I have taken biceps and triceps for example. You can train any two muscles with the help of supersets.

While applying Superset, you have to take special care of the rep range. You don’t have to do more than 16-20 reps in any superset.

Examples of Superset –

  • Chest press & Triceps cable pushdown
  • Lat pull down & Bicep curls
  • Tricep overhead extension & Hammer curls
  • Leg curls & Leg extension
  • Shoulder press & Triceps pushdown

Superset Benefits –

Doing superset exercises can be extremely beneficial for you. If you do it with better form and technique, it will undoubtedly help in bringing about a change in your body.

(1) The biggest advantage of superset is that it saves a lot of time.

(2) By doing this the intensity of your workout increases.

(3) With the help of Superset exercise, maximum overload can be done on the muscle, which increases your muscle growth.

(4) It helps in pumping up your muscles more.

(5) With the help of supersets, you can make your workout challenging and increase muscle mass easily.

(6) With the help of supersets, it becomes easy to reduce fat. That’s because sometimes it is very challenging and burns relatively more calories. Due to this, there is more stress on the muscle group and fat starts cutting from that place.

(7) It increases your muscle hypertrophy.

(8) During the superset, the muscle fibers break a lot and a big pump comes into the muscle, which helps in increasing the muscle size.

Superset Disadvantages –

Doing superset exercises is very beneficial, but if you use the wrong form and technique while doing it, then it can pose a risk to you.

However, it is natural to have muscle fatigue when performing superset exercises. That’s because, doing two exercises with the same intensity in a short amount of time is challenging, which leads to more fatigue in the muscles.

Apart from this, if you keep the rep range high and lift heavy weights, then you may also have to face muscle pain.

Although superset exercises are beneficial for you, you can also become a victim of an injury in a hurry while completing two different exercises in the same set.

Final Words –

The superset should be done by combining two exercises. Your form should be correct while doing this. Along with this, superset exercises should be applied with better techniques.

It can be challenging for you too. While doing this, you do not have to lift a lot of weight, you have to lift moderate weight.

You don’t have to superset in any kind of haste. This increases the chances of injury.

In this way, you can include supersets in your workout and get better results from it.

Hopefully, you have got the correct and clear information about what is Superset and all about it. If you have liked the information, then definitely share it in your Facebook or WhatsApp group, and always stay connected to our website Ashfitx.com for such useful information. If you have any questions/suggestions, do let us know by commenting below.

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