What is Lean Mass Gainer?

Are you also trying to know about Lean Mass Gainer? If yes, then you can read this article thoroughly. Because here you are going to get complete information about Lean Mass Gainer or Muscle Gainer easily.

What is Lean Mass Gainer

You must have definitely known about Mass Gainer. A mass gainer is a food supplement that is used to gain weight. Similarly, a lean mass gainer is also a supplement, which helps in increasing both your muscle mass and weight.

Most bodybuilders and fitness freaks use lean mass gainers to increase muscle mass. If you also want to increase muscle mass, then you can use it. It helps a lot in increasing both weight and muscle mass.

So let us know directly what is lean mass gainer, when and how it should be used, what are its advantages and disadvantages etc.

What is Lean Mass Gainer?

It is a type of food supplement, in which carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are present in a certain proportion.

It has low carbohydrate content and high protein content as compared to normal mass gainers or the same amount of protein and carbs. Along with this, it encourages lean muscle mass, hence it is called lean mass gainer.

It is a high-calorie food supplement powder used to build lean muscle mass. It contains a lot of calories, which helps in increasing your muscle mass.

However, lean gainers have a higher protein content than weight gainers, which promotes muscle mass in your body. It is also called lean muscle gainer.

Most lean gainers have 55% protein content and 45% carbohydrate content, which is also a very good ratio of protein and carbs to build a lean body.

Apart from this, some lean mass gainers have 40% protein content and 60% carbs. Despite the low amount of protein here, it is called lean mass gainer. Because it also encourages lean muscle mass.

Benefits of Lean Mass Gainer –

Lean gainers are a very good supplement for muscle building and increasing lean muscle mass. It is the best source to meet your daily calorie requirement. If for some reason you are not able to meet the calorie intake through food, then using this lean gainer can be beneficial for you.

Along with this, there are many benefits of taking a lean mass gainer. like –

(1) Rich in calories

(2) Provides more energy

(3) Removes the deficiency of nutrients

(4) Helps in muscle building

(5) Helps to gain weight

(6) Removes physical weakness

(7) Increases lean muscle mass

(8) Helps to increase performance and strength

In this way, if you use lean mass gainer in limited quantity, then of course you can increase your muscle mass as well as increase weight. It is quite right to use this lean gainer as compared to a normal mass gainer.

If you consume it in the wrong way or in excess quantity then it can be harmful to the body.

Side Effects of Lean Mass Gainer –

You may also see some side effects with the use of Lean Gainer. It is a type of food supplement, which is taken for some time according to the need.

Some people start using it more to gain muscle very quickly, and they also get to see the opposite effect.

You may also have to face some health problems if you take it in excess and consume it in the wrong way. like –

  • Poor digestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Belly fat
  • Kidney and liver problems
  • Vomiting problem
  • Diarrhea
  • Unwanted weight gain
  • Uncontrolled sugar level
  • Skin problems
  • Create stressful situation

You may face some such problems. However, none of the lean gainer supplement brands have yet to say anything about all these problems.

Consuming improperly and in excess amounts only creates these problems.

When should you take a lean mass gainer?

You can use Lean Mass Gainer in the morning at breakfast, after exercise, and before going to bed at night these three times.

But the best and right time to take a lean gainer is after exercise or a workout. After exercising absorption rate is very high.

Apart from this, muscle breakdown occurs after exercise, and the glycogen level decreases. That’s why our body has a dire need for proteins and carbohydrates.

In such a situation, by taking a lean gainer at this time, both digestion and absorption of the protein present in it becomes very fast and the protein reaches our muscles very quickly. As a result of which our muscles grow well.

How to take Lean Mass Gainer?

The best way to take Lean Gainer – is to mix it with water and consume it. If you want better results, then taking it with water is a better option.

It also mixes well in water. Its digestion is also easy by taking it with water and it gets digested very quickly.

To use it, one standard scoop (1 Serving Size Scoop) of lean mass gainer powder mixed with 300-350 ml of water should be consumed.

Keep in mind, that Lean Mass Gainer should be consumed only once a day for better results.

Which people should use Lean Mass Gainer?

For most people who want to gain muscle and at the same time want to gain weight, using Lean Mass Gainer is very beneficial for them.

Lean people or those whose weight is very less, they can use this lean gainer and increase their muscle mass easily.

By using it, you can increase muscle mass and weight at the same time. Because the ratio of protein and carbohydrate in it is very good.

Apart from this, bodybuilders and fitness freaks can also use it according to their bulking goals.

Things to keep in mind before buying Lean Mass Gainer –

These days there are many supplements available in the market or online shopping. Mass gainer and lean mass gainer are also present in these supplements. Let me tell you, there is a lot of difference between mass gainer and lean mass gainer. Although the nutrients are present in both these powders, the amount and ratio of nutrients are different. You just have to take special care of this thing first.

Mass gainers have high carbohydrate content, while lean gainers have high protein content. In addition, some lean mass gainers have the same amount of protein and carbs (Protein-50% and Carbs-50%) or a little less protein and a little more carbs (Protein-40% and Carbs-60%).

So whenever you buy lean mass gainer online or from the market, then you must check its nutritional facts. If you don’t check, you’ll probably end up buying a mass gainer.

Anyway, very few brands make lean mass gainers in India, so you must keep this in mind. One more thing, you should buy lean gainer online only, because online shopping is available at a much cheaper price than the market and can save you a lot of money.

Final Words: Lean Mass Gainer Supplement helps in increasing muscle mass and also helps in increasing your weight. If you consume it, then of course it can be very beneficial for you.

Keep in mind, that you have to keep your diet good while using it, you cannot increase muscle mass by using this supplement alone.

Hopefully, you must have got the information about what is Lean Mass Gainer and its advantages and disadvantages, etc. You must share this information with your friends. If you have any questions or suggestions, then do tell us in the comment box below.

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