Raw Whey Protein Benefits & Side Effects

Do you want to know about Raw Whey Protein Benefits & Side Effects? So, it is considered very beneficial to use whey protein to build a good body or to lose weight. Nowadays almost everyone knows about Whey Protein, but on hearing the name of Raw Whey Protein, many questions start coming in the mind.

Raw whey protein

The first question that comes here is, what is this Raw Protein. To know about this, people often ask their friend or a trainer in the gym and they get different types of answers regarding this Raw Whey Protein. So many people do not understand what is right and what is wrong in these answers. And due to these myths and wrong information, some get confused.

Someone tells you that it is not a good protein, it has very little protein and this raw protein is not digested well. Apart from this, many myths and misconceptions add to your confusion.

So friends, today we will know on this topic correctly and clearly what is Raw Whey Protein and the Benefits of Raw Whey Protein, and the side effects of RWP. Together you will also know how it is made, how to use it etc.

What is Raw Whey Protein ? Raw Whey Protein Meaning –

Raw Whey Protein is a type of raw and pure protein. The liquid left after separating the solids from milk is called whey.

A whey protein powder that is made with the very little process and neither fat nor lactose is removed from it during the process and it does not contain any artificial flavors (sweetener) such protein is called Raw Whey Protein.

It is Minimally Processed (Very Little Processed) and Unsweetened (Unsweetened). No flavors are added to it. In addition, most of the raw whey proteins do not contain digestive enzymes. Raw Whey simply means ‘Unprocessed Whey’.

It is basically made from milk and it is a completely pure form of whey. Protein, lactose, fat, and carbohydrates are all nutrients present in it. What makes sure one more thing is that it preserves all the nutrients of the protein powder in its original form as it is not processed at very high temperatures.

Raw whey protein contains 80% protein and the remaining 20% ​​is carbohydrates and fats. Raw Whey Protein is also known as Crude Whey Protein.

How is Raw Whey Protein Made ? Raw Whey Protein Making Process –

In the process of making whey protein, milk is first heated to a certain temperature, which destroys the harmful bacteria found in it.
After this, the milk is cooled. Now the process of making whey protein begins. Now milk is converted into curd.

After converting into curd, its solids are separated, which separates into cheese. The liquid left after separating the cheese is called whey protein. This is whey protein in pure form. At the same time, it is unprocessed. Nothing is mixed in it. That’s why it is called Raw Protein.

Now, this liquid (whey) is taken out and dried and after drying it is converted into powder. This is how Raw Whey Protein Powder is made. After making the powder of whey, it is filled in special types of packets and jars and delivered to you people.

Note – Here you have been told how to make Raw Whey Protein only. There are many other types of protein powders, which are made after further processing.

Raw Whey Protein Nutrition Facts | Nutritional Facts –

Amount Per 100 grams (Source – Muscleblaze Raw Whey Protein, Unflavoured)

  • Calories – 402
  • Total Carbohydrate – 7.1 g
      Sugar – 0 g
  • Total Fat – 6.1 g
      Saturated Fat – 4.22 g
      Unsaturated Fat – 1.24 g
  • Protein – 80 g
    EAA – 37.50 g
    SEAAs – 12.20 g
    BCAA – 17.55 g
    Glutamic Acid – 14.12 g

Raw Whey Protein Benefits –

It is the purest form of protein. As you know in this post, it is Unflavoured and Unprocessed.

If you go to the gym, do a good workout, then this protein can be very beneficial for you. So let’s know what are the benefits of Raw Whey Protein.

(1) Raw Whey Protein is cheaper

It is much cheaper than other proteins such as protein isolate or protein blend. That’s because it is processed very little and no additives are added to it. If you want to buy it then you can easily buy it from the online market.

Its cost is very less and affordable. At today’s time, its price is 800 to 1200 rupees per kg. If you have less money then you can give it a priority as it is available at affordable prices.

(2) Helps in muscle building

If you want to build muscle then raw whey protein can be very beneficial for you. It contains good amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, which help in making your muscles strong and big. Along with this, a good amount of essential amino acids (EAA) are found in it, which are helpful in recovering your muscles.

(3) Increases metabolism 

The nutrients found in Raw Whey Protein help strengthen your metabolism. Along with increasing the energy level in your body, it also increases the conversion rate of food into energy, which boosts your metabolism.

(4) Strengthens the Immune System –

Proteins are very helpful in building cells and tissues. Similarly, your immune system is also made up of cells and proteins. If you use the amount of protein well, then it makes your immune system strong.

(5) Rich in nutrients –

Raw whey protein is rich in nutrients as it contains good amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals. Compared to Whey Protein Isolate, Raw Whey Protein is slightly higher in fat and carbohydrate content which helps you to gain muscle.

Raw Whey Protein Side Effects –

Friends, till date no study and research have proved that Raw Whey or Crude Whey protein can cause any kind of damage to your body. There is no harm in this if you take it in limited quantity. If you take it in excess, it can be harmful.

In the reviews of some people (who have used it), they have reported that Raw Whey Protein takes a little longer to digest. Some people do not digest it and they feel bloating and start having stomach pain.

Let us tell you, not everyone can have this problem. Those who are going through this problem, maybe they already have a problem or their digestive system is weak.

If your digestive system is strong and you do not have any kind of disease, then you can easily use it and take advantage of it.

When should I take Raw Whey Protein ? Best Time To Take Raw Whey Protein –

Taking any kind of supplements at an appropriate time is very beneficial. Protein powder should also be taken at the right time so that it can be more effective and beneficial. The best time to take Raw Whey Protein Powder is after a workout.

Consuming protein powder after a workout or exercise helps your muscles recover very quickly, as a result of which the growth of your muscles is also increased.

During exercise, extra stress is placed on your muscles, due to which your muscle fibers break. To repair these muscle fibers, it is very important to take protein powder immediately after exercise.

The digestion and absorption of protein powder are very quick and very soon it reaches your breakdown muscles and starts repairing them. That is why taking protein powder after exercise is considered to be the most effective and beneficial.

Apart from this, you can also take protein powder at the following times. like –

  • Immediately after waking up in the morning
  • At breakfast time
  • Before exercise or workout
  • Before sleeping at night

Protein powder can be taken at all these times as well and many people take it accordingly. But taking it at these times is less effective and less beneficial than taking it after a workout.

How to take Raw Whey Protein ?

Although there are different ways of taking protein powder, but we will talk about such methods which are most effective and beneficial. You can take protein powder with water, milk, and juice, etc. Taking any protein powder with water is considered most beneficial.

Whenever you take protein in the morning, before or after the workout, then you have to take 250 to 300 ml of water in a bottle or shaker and mix the protein powder in it. Shake the bottle or shaker for 20 to 30 seconds, so that the protein powder mixes well with the water. After that, you can easily drink it.

If you want to gain weight or gain muscle, then you can take it with milk or juice because it will give you extra calories which will help you to gain weight. If you want normal fitness or you are thinking of losing weight, then you have to take protein powder along with water.

How Much Raw Whey Protein Should I take daily ?

According to fitness experts, it is right to take 25-30 grams of Raw Whey Protein Powder in a day. Whenever you buy a protein powder, you get one scoop with it, which usually contains 25 grams of protein.

If you use raw whey in limited quantity regularly, you can see better results within a few months.

For whom is Raw Whey Protein most beneficial ?

It is a very good question that for which people Raw Whey Protein is most beneficial. It can be used by both men and women. Also, it is most beneficial for those people who want to gain weight and gain muscle.

Raw whey protein is considered very good for weight gain or muscle gain. That’s because each serving of it contains a little high amount of carbohydrates, which helps in muscle gain.

Apart from this, people who want to spend less money on protein supplements can also take full advantage of this protein by using it.

How long after a workout should I take Raw Whey Protein ?

Many women and men are always asking this question to fitness experts that, about how long should we take protein powder, which is beneficial for our body.

Taking protein powder within 15 to 20 minutes immediately after the workout or exercise is over is most beneficial and effective. This is because this protein powder works to immediately recover the muscle breakdown that occurs during workouts, due to which the muscles are repaired well, and the chances of muscle growth increase.

Is It Safe To Consume Raw Whey Protein ?

Yes, Raw Whey Protein is completely safe to consume. No Preservatives are added to it. Neither sugar nor any flavor is added to it.

It is a completely pure form of whey, you can consume it after a workout or at your suitable time. This may not cause you any kind of problem if you are completely healthy.

Raw Whey Protein Digestion & Absorption

Most raw whey protein powders do not have any enzymes added, so their digestion is a little slower than other protein powders.

Slow digestion does not mean that it is not digested, it is easily digested in your body and your body absorbs it easily.

Best Raw Whey Protein Brands | Top 5 Raw Whey Protein Powder in India (2021) –

These are the best Raw Whey Protein Powders which are very popular and authentic supplements. You can easily buy and use them.

  • Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey Protein
  • Scitron Raw Whey Protein
  • AS-IT-IS Nutrition Raw Whey Protein
  • MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein
  • Healthkart Raw Whey Protein

Final Words – Keep in mind, whenever you want to use it, buy only a good quality product. Along with this, drink more and more water during the day, do regular exercise, and follow a good diet.

Hopefully, this article Raw Whey Protein Benefits and Side effects was very important and useful for you. If you liked the information please share this information in your Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

If you have any questions/suggestions, then comment below and also tell how did you like this post. Thank You!!!

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